Sarada Ukil

Sarada Ukil: Profile of a Pioneer

— Satyasri Ukil

Sarada Ukil as King Shuddhodana in Franz Osten’s movie The Light of Asia, 1925.
Photo: Unknown
Reprinted from ‘Art & Deal’, January-February, 2001.

”New Delhi as I knew in the pre-partition days was virtually a desert culturally, though the old walled city of Delhi enjoyed an age-old cultural tradition. New Delhi was brand new but culture and its manifestations take breeding time and suitable stimulus. In this uninspiring environment it was a bold effort on the part of late Sarada Ukil, to establish his atelier and teaching workshop at New Delhi… (the Ukil brothers’) imagination and energy did not rest at that. The Ukils sponsored an adjunct of the School of Art — The All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society”, wrote Prof. B. C. Sanyal. (Roop-Lekha, 1982, p.

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