Suniti Kumar Chatterji

Kosetsu Nosu: The Japanese Artist who Painted at Sarnath

— Satyasri Ukil

Kosetsu Nosu, reprinted from 1936 exhibition catalogue
Photo: Mukul Dey Archives
Once upon a time the Chitralekha House at Santiniketan had a richer collection of original paintings than what it has now. Many of these were displayed in our south facing verandah and other rooms. One such painting, hung on the wall adjacent to a peculiar staircase leading to the first-floor, was a brush-n-ink work by Kosetsu Nosu done on golden yellow Japanese silk stretched on a wooden frame. It depicted Lord Buddha, sitting cross-legged amid a stark desolate landscape. The picture fascinated me even as a child, the lines being bold, fluid and beautiful.

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