Stanislav Szukalski: Reminiscences

— Stanislav Szukalski

Stanislav Szukalski signed Mukul Dey’s book on December 3, 1916. Nandalal Bose also signes on the same date later
Photo: Mukul Dey Archives
Chicago 1916

When I was twenty-two years old, living close to the University of Chicago, on 57th Street and Jackson Park, I received a letter from Mrs. Moody, the widow of the founder of the Moody Institute of Bible Interpretations. I was startled, since theological matters were a sphere of speculation I refrained from being involved with, having been brought up in Poland where religiosity stifles the very breath of Polonism, which for me took the place of any other concern whatsoever.

Receiving my affirmation to her question if I knew who Tagore was, she informed me that he was eager to meet me, and would I therefore come to dinner on a certain evening? I eagerly accepted the invitation.

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Keisuke Inano's Recollection of Mukul Dey

— Keisuke Inano

Mujul Dey at the south verandah of Chitralekha house, early 1980s photograph
Photo: Keisuke Inano
About twenty-two years ago young student Mr Keisuke Inano was Mukul Dey’s last Japanese friend. Dey’s relationship with Japan, which started with his association with Yokoyama Taikan, Tomitaro Hara, Shimomura Kanzan, Kampo Arai, Yukio Yashiro, Okiyo-san, Sentaro Sawamura, Tetsuro Sugimoto, Kiitsu Sakakibara and Kosetsu Nosu, had continued till his very last with his friendship with Keisuke Inano.

During the 80’s of last century, Keisuke Inano was “very old” Mukul Dey’s last and “very young” Japanese friend, with whom the aged artist was intimate. We, all of us at Chitralekha deeply appreciate Mr Inano’s love towards Mukul Dey when he was old and, probably, lonely. We are happy to reproduce below Keisuke Inano’s recollection of Mukul Dey along with a superb photograph of the  artist by him. It is interesting to note in the following article, the author Keisuke Inano mentions “R. Tagore”, instead of Rabindranath Tagore whenever any controversial references were made. - Satyasri Ukil, January 2004.

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